Finding Trending Pet Products

While finding products in the pet niche to dropship is relatively simple, finding trending products can be much more difficult. Product trends can last months, or end in just a few days. Knowing where to find trends and how to capitalize on them will give you a great advantage on your competition. In this post, we’ll share some of our favorite tactics for finding trending products online.


If you keep a close eye on your competitors, you may notice they actually carry trending products themselves in many cases. Let’s explore how you can leverage your competitors to gain insight into trending products.

Finding Competitors

The easiest way to find your competitors is through a simple Google search. Searching “ + pet” will reveal a number of Shopify stores in the pet niche. Browse their sites to see which products are being promoted and highlighted.

To take things a step further, add the following parameter to the end of your competitor’s URL: /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling. In most cases, this will take you directly to your competitor’s best selling products!

Other places to find competitors:

Competitor Ads

Recently, Facebook released its Ad Library, which offers a look into all active and inactive ads run for a business page on the platform. For you, this means the ability to see exactly what products your competitors are running ads for.

Here’s an example of PetCo’s current Facebook ads -


Beyond viewing the ads being run by a specific competitor, Facebook also offers an insight into trending products through its search function.

While on Facebook, enter one of the following searches:

  • Pet free shipping
  • Pet

After entering your search query, filter your results to public posts and the current year. Now, browse the results and you’ll quickly notice most of the posts with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments are actually pet brands advertising products. Use this information to identify trending products and competitors.

Feel free to test out your own search queries on Facebook. More specific queries such as, ‘cat food free shipping’ or ‘dog collar’ may yield results more aligned with your current product offering.

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