5 Ways to Write Product Descriptions That Sell (With Examples!)

Your product descriptions are an important part of your overall marketing strategy. Many entrepreneurs who run dropshipping businesses will make the common mistake of using the same generic product descriptions ever other seller is using. 

Product descriptions are more than just a few bullet points provided by the manufacturer. They should provide your potential customers with an emotional experience that invokes them to make a purchase with you and your brand.

Let’s look at a few ways we can write product descriptions that bring out emotion and convert visitors into customers.

Think About Your Ideal Customer

It can become difficult to write product descriptions if you’re trying to speak to a large crowd of potential buyers. 

Instead, write product descriptions that target your ideal customer directly. The description should feel personal and flow almost like a conversation with the customer would. Use language and words the customer is familiar with. Most importantly, speak to the customer directly by using the word you.

Take a look at how ThinkGeek writes a description for a Super Mario lamp.

Right. It's-a me, Mario, here to talk-a to you about this-a light. Let's get-a one thing straight first: there is to be no punching of your new Super Mario Question Block Lamp, capeesh? Mamma Mia, I shouldn't have to say such things. Right, then. Here we go.

*drops Italian accent* Let this Super Mario Question Block Lamp brighten your life both by providing illumination (duh) and by bringing some childhood whimsy to your space. When you pull Mario down and release him up to punch, the light turns on (or off). Bonus. Literally.

It’s important to imagine your ideal customer when writing product descriptions. Do they have a good sense of humor? How do they speak? Are they familiar with Super Mario? What questions do they ask that you should answer?

Imagine you were selling to your ideal customer face-to-face. Now write your product description to reflect that in-person conversation, but on a depper, more meaningful level.

Be Descriptive

Believe it or not, a lot of dropshippers miss this important component of a great product description. They are meant to be descriptive! 

The foundation of your product description should be information that helps your customers understand what they are buying, how it works, and in some cases, what it’s made out of. Answering these questions for a customer can help ease the purchasing process and even increase conversion rates. Of course, there’s a line between being descriptive and providing an overwhelming amount of information.

Check out how Bubbletastic describes their Bacon Bubble  Blower Machine.

The Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine blows a ton of bacon bubbles for you and your bacon loving friends and dogs to enjoy! Just when you thought life couldn't get any baconier! These dog bubbles are 100% non toxic, tear free and safe for kids and dogs! The Bubbletastic Bacon bubble machine includes a free 8 ounce bottle of bacon bubble solution. Just pour the bacon bubble solution into the reservoir cup on the bubble machine and then turn the machine on. Then sit back and watch as a windstorm of colorful bacon bubbles appear ready to be popped! Dogs love bubbles and this is a fun and interactive dog toy that is not only entertaining but all gives great exercise - popping all those bubbles is hard work!

Be descriptive when writing product descriptions. What information does the customer need to feel confident in their purchase? Are there any instructions you should provide to help the customer understand how the product works?

Don’t be afraid to provide detailed descriptions for your products. It not only eases the purchase journey for your customers, but it can also decrease the load on your customer support team as well.

Persuade with Benefits

When writing product descriptions, it’s easy to get carried away with the different features and functions that coincide with products. We believe in everything that makes our brand, site, and products.

However, potential customers often don’t care as much. The different features and specifications of your products can seem boring and irrelevant to your potential customers, so it’s important to also focus on how your product solves problems and adds value to the customer. Learn to translate your features into benefits that persuade and entice the customer.

This is how Chewy describes one of their dog treats.

Key Benefits

  • Made with real chicken, vegetables and other healthy ingredients dogs love. Providing your canine companion with needed chewing exercise and a great taste.
  • 100% rawhide-free and highly digestible for a healthy alternative to rawhide treats.
  • Long lasting mighty chew that will satisfy even the toughest of chewers, without the danger of sharp splinters or choking hazards.
  • Chews are enriched with vitamins and minerals for optimal health benefits
  • SmartSticks Chew Packs are perfect for small to large dog breeds - each stick measures approximately 5 inches long.

Chewy suggests that their dog treats are not only flavorful, but they also promote good health, help dogs exercise chewing, and are great for a variety of breeds.

Think about the benefits of your own products. How do they make your customer or their pet happier or healthier? How will purchasing your product positively affect the customer?

Sell a product and an experience.

Reinforce Your Brand

Brand development is not a task that can be accomplished overnight. It’s an ongoing process that requires consistent reinforcement through marketing, advertising and even your website. Leverage product descriptions to reinforce your branding and help familiarize your company with potential customers.

R2P Pet does an excellent job of sharing who their are as a brand alongside their product description.

catnip + silvervine

Some cats LOVE catnip, but not all cats are affected by it. To solve this problem we developed our own unique blend of catnip and silvervine. Silvervine is a non-toxic, all natural catnip alternative that many cats actually prefer. This potent stimulant elicits a similar reaction to catnip, and is both safe and fun.

unique design

Mad Cat toys come in a wide variety of unique, silly, playful designs that are unlike any other cat toys. These wild and wacky toys are designed to be fun for both cats and their owners. Mad Cat toys are perfect for posting photos with your celebrity cat, but even better for playtime!

mixed materials

Mad Cat toys are made of soft, high-quality plush with fun accents such as string, crinkle, embroidery and, of course, our custom blend of catnip and silvervine! Ideal for tossing, batting, kicking, and cuddling.

In one product description, we’ve discovered a short story behind the brand selling this product, we’ve learned the actual materials that are used to make their products, and we’ve read what exactly makes this brand unique.

Brand reinforcement helps create a memorable experience for your customers while helping create loyal consumers for your brand.

Make It Readable

Being descriptive about your products and offering a wealth of information to help consumers make an informed purchasing decision are both important, however you’ll still need to make your product description easy to scan in a short amount of time.

Let’s look at how Duncraft is able to offer a detailed description as well as a scannable version that relays the same message.

Our Squirrel Proof Selective has an open grid bottom to prevent seed build-up that attracts squirrels and large birds. Gray squirrels are left to eat seed from the ground, while songbirds feast at your feeder from six feeding ports. Overhanging roof with squirrel lock shelters your seed from the weather to reduce waste. Open grid bottom, so seed won’t accumulate. 5-1/2 inch metal hanger. 10-1/2 x 15-1/2 inches tall. 

  • Holds 1-1/2 lbs. of seed with 6 feeding ports
  • Attract birds with private dining & block larger birds
  • Features fly-through wire caging to keep out gray squirrels
  • Easy to fill from the top, without disassembly
  • Available exclusively at Duncraft

Potential customers on a desktop may stop to read the detailed description you’ve crafted, but mobile users often are looking for the main points of your product to make a decision quickly. 

Consider adding a few bullet points to your description that offer a clear and concise message for potential customers who aren’t interested in reading a paragraph of text.

Invest in Product Descriptions Today

It takes a lot of time and energy to put together quality product descriptions. Your investment in product descriptions today will pay off indefinitely through better SEO results, higher conversion rates, and even increased repeat customer rates. When dropshipping pet products, understand that it is a competitive market that requires a substantial amount of differentiation to stand out from the competition.

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